10 Reasons to use a Yoni Egg

10 reasons to use a Yoni Egg

 Vagina Power

  • Women all around the world refer to this practice as “kegels on crack,” “yoni yoga” and “vaginal kung-fu!” In order to gain strength, you need weight and resistance and that’s what makes yoni eggs perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor: weight, resistance, massage, and form.

Erotic Reflexology

  • In reflexology, you press certain acupressure points to heal corresponding organs – but according to the Tao, the most powerful ones are in the vagina. Yoni eggs help sensitize the vagina, literally massaging intimate acupressure points from the inside. Once these reflexology points are awakened, women will begin to experience the multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy that she and her partner deserve.

Sex Diva

  • Yoni eggs help to increase vaginal lubrication as well as concentrate orgasmic energy in the womb. Women who regularly practice with yoni eggs will start to experience full body orgasms from their breast all the way to the uterus, cervix and vagina. Once you hone these orgasmic skills you begin will delight and enrapture your partner, bringing the both of you to new levels of orgasmic bliss.

Yoni Yoga

  • Yoni Yoga is the practice of yoga, but specifically for the pelvic floor. During yoni yoga you wear your yoni egg and activate your mula bandha (pelvic floor lock) for a series of contractions and releases while preforming your yoga sequence. It’s a vaginal fitness work out like you’ve never experienced before. After just a few sessions, you’ll notice a healthier, toned and more balanced womb space.

Prepare for pregnancy

  • A strong pelvic floor is a pregnant goddess’s best friend. When your sacred inner space is strong, it can give the support you need to your organs and your growing baby, preventing issues such as vaginal prolapse, incontinence, and weakness during delivery. Prepare for your journey into motherhood with your yoni egg to ensure that you and your child stay safe and comfortable throughout your pregnancy and birth (do not use yoni eggs while pregnant).

Postpartum Recovery

  • Birth is beautiful, healing postpartum discomfort isn’t. Yoni eggs can help heal your sacred inner space blissfully and easily. Combine yoni egg exercises with your belly wrap, yoni steam, or yoga rituals for truly beautiful and effective self­ care routine after baby.

 Womb Cleansing

  • It is believed women store trauma in their womb space. Whether it be from pregnancy loss, disease, abortion to sexual abuse, yoni eggs work as little energy healers to help women spiritually cleanse their sacred inner space. Use a black obsidian yoni egg to literally absorb and cleanse womb trauma followed by a rose quartz yoni egg  to infuse love and bliss into your womb for a gentle and effective healing session.

Ease Moontime discomfort

  • A dedicated yoni egg practice can help reduce symptoms of PMS, cramps, clotting, heavy bleeding and irregular menses. Use a nephrite jade yoni egg with our yoni yoga program for just a few minutes a day to strengthen and heal your pelvic floor and ease moontime discomfort.

Youthful Bliss

  • As we age, the muscles in our sacred inner space lose tone. This can result in incontinence, constipation, and a loss of sexual pleasure. By using a yoni egg to strengthen your pelvic floor, you can regain the pleasure, control, and vitality that you deserve.

Feminine Empowerment

Feminine empowerment starts with your sacred inner space. Once you harness the energy of your yoni you will become more confident, orgasmic, brave, daring and more! It’s so important women develop an intimate relationship with their yoni’s. Start with an Jade Nephrite yoni egg  and watch yourself blossom and transform into the goddess you truly are.

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