Welcome to Yoni Therapy! I am Morgan Henry, also known as the Yoni Doctor. 


Personal Motivation

A young woman focused on empowering one individual by creating positive intentional experiences. She is a firm believer that the faster you reach your potential the sooner others can reach theirs.

 Understanding how one issue or disturbance can disrupt an entire system, function and or body Morgan plans on reaching one person at a time by promoting the message, "heal the mind heal the body!"

Morgan aims to be passionate about helping all interested in loving themselves, finding themselves and understanding how to control your body! A yoni (womb) enthusiast she is also all things vagina and intimate health and believes with effective communication we can create new positive awareness about health, love, sex, and intimacy. Morgan offers a very refreshing perspective on how self-love and gratitude can help the woman you are or create the woman you are becoming! 


 Professionally Trained

After receiving a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University in Public Health with a minor in Health Administration. Morgan is also a certified vaginal steam facilitator, health coach, and tantra sex coach. She has studied at the School of Metaphysics 


  Willing to Serve

I am so honored to share with you my passions and knowledge for improving the daily lives of all, but most importantly women. The time is now for us to all bring our unique light to the world and share it with others so we can aid each other to grow. I look forward to sharing, growing, and advocating with you as we experience this thing called life together! Please connect with me so we can start this new amazing journey today!


1. Thou shall know thy self.

2. Thou shall heal thy self.

3. Thou shall be thy self.